Dave Collins Photography | Woodland Walks and a Beautiful Barn Owl

Woodland Walks and a Beautiful Barn Owl

May 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It's been a while since my last post so this is a quick update on what's been going on. In summary, not quite what I'd hoped but there have been a few highlights. 

I've spent a fair few hours at a local park which has a number of handy feeding stations in place and with people repeatedly walking past the resident birds have clearly grown accustomed to human visitors meaning they're very confiding. This makes photography a little easier and I've had some amusing moments the best of which is one of the many robins using my lens as a lookout post, with it even bursting into song! Back to the birds, those that have seen most of my attention are the long-tailed tits, coal tits and nuthatches, the latter I absolutely love watching. Aggressive, super-quick and fine looking things that seem to be able to perch any which way they desire. The long-tailed tits have been as equally interesting, dropping in every half-an-hour or so in small flocks before disappearing into the undergrowth. I've not previously managed to photograph these diminutive chirpers so I've been pleased with the shots I've got. Below are a few from the last few weeks....

Coal TitCoal Tit NuthatchNuthatch

Long-tailed TitLong-tailed Tit Long-tailed TitLong-tailed Tit

The real highlight of the last few weeks came during the weekend just gone when I finally managed to get some decent images of a barn owl which put on a brilliant display, hunting in the sun for a good few hours. I was a little unprepared when it first appeared in the early afternoon but after a bit of patience I was able to get in the right place just as it began quartering the area in which I'd positioned myself and these were probably the best views I've had. An unforgettable moment. Each of the following images were captured on the D800 at 420mm. The reach of a 500mm lens would've been even better but beggars can't be choosers. At least for now!

Barn OwlBarn Owl Barn OwlBarn Owl Barn OwlBarn Owl

With the lighter evenings fast approaching we don't have long to wait for the migrants to begin arriving. And then it'll be the turn of the butterflies. I cannot wait!


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